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Migueester, photographe basé à Angers, je réalise des prestations photographiques Mariage, Couple, Famille, Grossesse .
Photographe Migueester en séance photo évenement à Angers
Visuel du salon du mariage de Saint Malo 2023

Hello, my name is Miguel.

You are here because you are looking for a photographer for your moments of life that are valuable to you.

You want to be advised, listened to and guided.

Whether it's for a wedding, a couple session, a future mother or even a lifestyle or family portrait, then you've come to the right place.

Let's introduce:

For my fifteenth birthday, I received a Minolta film camera and a video camera as a gift;

Over time, I "tamed" this material and thus developed my expertise in photography and video.


Photographic art then became my new passion.


I learned to develop the films myself in my makeshift laboratory (my artisanal side was already there).


In order to be able to afford film, I earn my pocket money by filming several weddings

close to a professional which allowed me not only to improve myself, but also to sharpen my senses

observation and human relations with customers.


Today, having passed the milestone of forty.

I put my know-how and the technical means at my disposal

at your service for a personalized and tailor-made project.

I firmly believe in the values of craftsmanship, exchange, listening to the customer in order to design a product that looks like him and the love of a job well done.


Contact me via the CONTACT menu of the site

in order to tell me precisely your wishes and your budget;

we can then find an agreement for everyone's satisfaction.


See you soon,



Guarantor of your memories

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