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Sony day at the Photo Univers studio in Blois.

During a Sony equipment testing session organized by Photo Univers in Blois, I had the chance to meet the American fashion photographer Demarcus Allen. During this workshop, we were able to experiment with creating a studio portrait in the presence of a model. This meeting allowed me to learn more about photography and the use of Sony's latest cameras and lenses.

It was an incredibly enriching encounter, as I was able to personally thank Demarcus Allen for his influence and learn more about his creative process. This experience not only gave me an insight into how he created his work, but also reinforced my conviction that photography is a powerful and rich form of expression and art when it comes to encounters.

Our model for the day, Victoria, posed for several photographers who were present to test the famous Sony A7R IV with its 61 megapixels. See the video at the end of this article.

This Sony camera is a real monster in terms of image quality. This quality is visible both on a screen and even more so when printing for paper prints or enlargements (paintings, roll-ups, wedding photo albums, posters, etc.).

Thanks to the entire team at Photo Univers, the Sony representatives, and Demarcus Allen for the advice on shooting with the A7R IV.

Journée Sony au studio de Photo Univers à Blois
Sony day at the Photo Univers studio in Blois.

Débrief avec les participants de la journée Sony chez Photo Univers
Meeting with Demarcus Allen

So impressed by this camera and its ease of use that, by the end of the day, I ultimately decided to purchase it for use in my professional services, much to the delight of my clients.

Check out Demarcus Allen's work here:

Check out my work here:

Check out the boutique/studio's website here:

Video of tests with Victoria, the model of the day..

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